Don’t Let Fibroids Affect Your Self-Image; You’re Beautiful, Always

Don’t Let Fibroids Affect Your Self-Image; You’re Beautiful, Always
November 28, 2018 Roy Lazarovich

Don’t Let Fibroids Affect Your Self-Image; You’re Beautiful, Always

When you’re feeling lousy and run down, picking yourself up can be tough. The heavy bleeding that women may have with uterine fibroids can be demoralizing at times. Intimacy may become less appealing as some women feel that the fibroids have taken over their being, both physically and emotionally.

Even when you don’t feel your best, you are beautiful, and it helps to embody that feeling every day. It’s a great pick-me-up. Still, how is that supposed to happen if you’re in pain, bloated, or dealing with medical appointments, and all of those ingredients are attached to having fibroids? Hope is not lost. Getting your gorgeous on is absolutely possible. Here are six ways to get your beauty back when fibroids have you down.

  1. Visit a spa
    Even if it’s not generally something that’s your style, give it a try. If a whole day is beyond the realm of your physical strength, budget or other constraints, then go for just a massage, a manicure/pedicure, a facial… whatever you feel might work for you. Not all spas are the same, so gather up recommendations beforehand and choose wisely. A clean space, as well as experienced and qualified staff make all the difference. Why not double your fun and bring along a friend? Extra points if she’s also down in the dumps – not only will you feel better, but you’ve raised someone else’s spirits, too!
  2. Routine improvements
    Are you going through the day-to-day grind, just trying to make it through your challenges? Few things are more depressing than that run-on-loop cycle. Even something small, like committing yourself to a quiet, interruption-free cup of your favorite herbal tea to start the day, listening to 15 minutes of classical music toward evening or taking time out on a planned, regular basis to read literature you truly enjoy can make a huge difference. It reminds yourself that you are also an integral listing on your own priority list. Feeling that you count, even just to yourself, helps remind you how beautiful you are.
  3. New clothing
    Who doesn’t love a new outfit? But do you spend the time, between all your daily tasks, to find something that makes you feel like a million bucks? Fortunately, if you aren’t up to going to the mall, endless online shopping options are available. If you’re bloated or generally uncomfortable, take joy from today’s hottest baggy styles. Has it been a while? Are you unsure of yourself? Everyone has that one fashionista friend. Bounce a few ideas off her. Is budget an issue? Re-frame second hand… think vintage! Shopping used clothing shops has an art to it, but it’s a skill you can master while enjoying the challenge.
  4. Hang out with friends
    Friends see the real you. They know how gorgeous you really are, even when you’re buried in pain and poor spirits. They’ll remind you of the good times, and laughter is a beauty booster. Invite the gang over, or even just your best friend, if you aren’t up to a crowd. Add some take-out to the event and you’re good to go. Studies even show that laughter makes you more beautiful.
  5. Focus on the positive
    What works for you? Lipstick on the mirror, post it notes on the fridge and techie apps on your smartphone are all paths to the same end – positivity! Every day, something positive happens in your life. Find it, and focus on that tiny point of light. If you magnify it, it has the power to light up the surrounding darkness, adding a spark to your face.
  6. Haircut
    A new hair style sticks with you for a while and always brings compliments, lifting you up. You don’t even have to peruse fashion magazines anymore. The Internet is ready and waiting with endless options to choose from, all from the comfort of your own couch, seat on the bus, or chair in your doctor’s waiting room. Just choose an app that lets you try on your style before you cut and there’s no need to be nervous. You already know you’ll look great!

Uterine fibroids are no fun and they can leave you feeling pretty lousy. But you have it within your power to fight the beauty blues, have a great time while doing it, and come out shining and gorgeous.


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