The Impact of Living with Uterine Fibroids – Katherine’s Story
The Impact of Living with Uterine Fibroids – Katherine’s Story
March 10, 2015 amarone

KatherineHill1The impact of living with uterine fibroids – Katherine’s story

Children’s nurse Katherine Hill suffered from such severe uterine fibroids, she was seriously anaemic and lived in fear of bleeding at work or whilst out with friends.

Explained 43 year old Katherine, who is married and lives in Nottingham: “It was horrendous. I would literally have to rush to the toilet because I was going to ‘flood’ everywhere. Staying at someone’s house was a nightmare in case I ‘flooded’. I once ended up in A&E because I had gone through ten tampax in an hour and my friends were worried because I’d lost so much blood.”

“It was very embarrassing. I remember one occasion when I met friends for lunch in town and I had to walk home with my handbag covering my bottom because I’d ‘flooded’ everywhere.”

Katherine advises other women to make sure they get checked out if they are suffering from heavy periods “Definitely go and see your GP as it might be a sign of fibroids. If you’re in that much pain that you’re having to take time off work or if you can’t control the bleeding, it isn’t normal. If you do have fibroids, find out about all the options available and discuss them with your gynaecologist – I know from my experience that there are treatments available that will help get rid of the fibroids so you can lead a normal life again.”

For further information about fibroids, including the causes, symptoms and treatment options, visit the patient website [i], the British Fibroid Trust at or NHS Choices at

[1] NHS Choices 1, Fibroids, at: (Accessed January 2014)
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