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When should your daughter start going to a gynaecologist?

“My daughter? A gynaecologist? But she has no gynaecological issues. And she seems so… young.”
She is young…

PMS – Where does it come from and what can I do about it?

Month after month, PMS can become a real pain. Knowing where it comes from can help you process what’s happening in your body…

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How heavy is heavy?

How to know if your menstrual bleeding is heavy or not?
Is it related to fibroids?

We have developed an application to help you track your menstrual cycle and its patterns.

Download the app now and start monitoring your symptoms to have a more informative discussion with your doctor.

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Symptom checker

Heavy bleeding and pain every month – is it how it should be? Find out if you are affected!


is an-ongoing campaign designed to help women to put a name to their symptoms.