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Spring Renewal – Is That Even Possible with Fibroids?

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Spring Renewal – Is That Even Possible with Fibroids?

After a long, cold winter, feeling the warm sunshine, hearing birds chirp and smelling fresh, beautiful foliage popping up is, for most people, so energizing! Ahh… spring!

For women who feel like they have had a close encounter with a steam roller (aka some women suffering from the symptoms of uterine fibroids) that fresh breath of a new season might not be so exciting.

A chronic condition can be draining, both physically and emotionally. And with friends, neighbors and co-workers starting suddenly going on energetic outings and bragging about doing a thorough spring cleaning, the spirit that should be giving us a lift might just unwittingly be bringing us down.

Yes, EVEN for women with fibroids, spring renewal is possible. Not only that, it’s recommended! Pick a remedy toward renewal, mix and match, or try them all on for size!

Dietary changes

It doesn’t need to be an entire overhaul; just a couple of small steps in a positive direction can improve a person’s overall picture of health.

Switch out whole grains for white, cut down on chemical-packed processed foods, exchange the next order of fries for a piping hot baked potato and drink a cup or two more of water a day.

Baby steps. They go a long way.

Getting out

While swimming the English Channel might not be on the current list of options, becoming a hermit isn’t either.

How about setting a goal of getting out, even once a week or two, to an event that interests you socially and/or intellectually? A lecture, get-together with friends, community event… anything unrelated to errands, work or family responsibilities will do.

Don’t just mentally commit to these mental health breaks; pull out your calendar and schedule them in! Otherwise they tend to get forgotten or pushed aside by the neverending “must-dos” of life.

Light exercise

Have heavy bleeding and chronic pain gotten you down? While it might sound counter-intuitive, getting a bit of exercise into the daily schedule can help amp up the positive vibes.

How about a leisurely walk in the park, a pleasurable swim (those super ultra tampons sure come in handy), a beginner’s yoga workout or a bike ride around the neighborhood?

Whatever does it for you will work. Anything beats being sedentary.


We all have those relationships that could be better, be it with a partner, a parent or an old, lost friend. Burying the hatchet on old tiffs and grudges, while holding realistic expectations and avoiding ties that are dangerous or caustic, can breathe new life into what may have become a dull monotone or worse, a vaguely aching hole.

Why not pick one person who used to be nearer and dearer and think what can be done to bring you back together? Even a small step in renewing one relationship can bring about a wonderful overall sense of renewal in life.

Character traits

Don’t we all have at least one thing about ourselves that we might like to improve upon? Without leaving the house or even breaking a sweat, bad habits can be broken and good ones improved upon.

Could you be more conscious to avoid interrupting others when they speak? Or to stop making negative comments about others behind their backs? Or how about turning off your indispensable-yet-pesky smartphone that distracts you when you really want to spend time with your family?

Find that one small, conquerable point that can make a big change in your life. You’ll be sure to feel that renewal as you work toward a better tomorrow.

You are your sunshine

As women, we’re often pulled in numerous directions simultaneously, and even small gestures of oft-neglected self-care can go a long way. Spring renewal comes in many different forms, so find the facet that reflects your own soul and polish it until it shines!