How to Get Holiday Gift Shopping Done When You’re Feeling Awful

How to Get Holiday Gift Shopping Done When You’re Feeling Awful 1720 1147

How to Get Holiday Gift Shopping Done When You’re Feeling Awful

Ahhh, the holiday season… are you feeling all warm and fuzzy? If you’re a woman suffering from the symptoms of uterine fibroids, chances are the answer to that question is a pointedly clear, “No.”

The fatigue that can come as a result of heavy bleeding, along with discomfort and frequent trips to the toilet, don’t combine to form a beautiful setting for shopping sprees. Yet we all want to give our loved ones gifts and, many of us being perfectionists, the gifts “need” to be perfect.

More clearly put, giving up on holiday shopping is likely not an option. Which is fine, because the purchasing process no longer requires endless hours spent traveling, choosing, wrapping hauling and storing. If you make sure to have a Plan, Compromise and Delegate strategy you can get that gift list covered and have your latte, too.


Make that list, check it twice. This is a vital part of the process. Once you’ve got the family, friends, work associates, teachers, neighbors, the dog’s previous owner, whatever… let it sit. Sleep on it. Check again. We’re not aiming to induce a neurosis, rather to avoid repeated and/or last second runs to shops, especially if running isn’t in your lexicon this year.


Are you one of those wonderfully appreciative and considerate women who gives gifts to each teacher, the postman and the butcher? While that’s admirable, please re-evaluate this year. If you decide that these are still necessities, don’t hand-make them unless that is a genuinely a personally therapeutic pastime. As Lou Holtz, former football coach said, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”


If you’re not up to hours of perusing the malls, why not make your purchases online from the comfort of your own couch? While online purchasing isn’t always possible, online browsing is always an option. For the next steps in the process, call upon your creativity and your connections, and delegate away!

Gift Pickup
Once you’ve found the perfect gift, figure out who can pick it up for you. Choose a store convenient to your partner / mom / neighbor / friend and give them a call. Make sure the item is in stock and pay for it via telephone with your credit card. Then there’s that last don’t-forget line, “And could you please gift wrap that item for me?”

Gift Wrapping
Wrapping all the packages you’ve bought is a mountain to climb in itself. Try to unload as much of that labor as possible to the retailers who are profiting from your purchase. Many online sellers have a “gift wrap” option box to tick at some point in the checkout process. Look for that option and click away. Don’t see it? Phone through or email and request this service. The few minutes invested in the process will carry a high return-on-investment.

Gift Hiding
Stashing gifts is another daunting operation. While in years past, reaching up to the highest, back shelves in the closet to get everything hidden was an awkward yet fun adventure, this year, that particular adventure may need to be forgone. If you can’t draft a more able-bodied person into reaching your traditional hiding places, options still exist. Either keep them in more accessible locations or just leave the packages out in the open. That’s all right; they’re wrapped. People know they’re receiving gifts; ‘tis the season after all. It’ll add to the holiday décor.

Wishing you and yours, and indeed women worldwide, a joyful, healthy and loving holiday season.