Home Spa with Fibroids or Heavy Bleeding

Home Spa with Fibroids or Heavy Bleeding

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Home Spa with Fibroids or Heavy Bleeding

Living with fibroids and dealing with their symptoms daily can really have an impact on your overall quality of life1. The pain, discomfort and all kinds of unwelcome emergencies linked to your condition can make it hard to relax when you might need it most.

One of the most prominent symptoms of fibroids is heavy, sometimes prolonged menstrual bleeding. Coupled with off-schedule spotting, it would steer anyone’s thoughts away from ever setting foot in a spa or another “little clothing/lots of water” place, no matter how relaxing and beneficial it could be to your muscles, skin and mind. You find the thought of sitting on a wet and warm stone bench in a space shared with other people horrifying? No one said that you cannot breathe the eucalyptus-infused vapour while the tiny water droplets help open and detox your pores at home. With little effort, you can create your own home spa!

Home spa masks

First, set the mood for the relaxation and beauty rituals that will follow by lighting scented or unscented candles and putting on soothing music (online video sites have a wide selection of meditation tracks including jungle, ocean or flute sounds- whichever you prefer).

Start with Herbal Steam for your face, as described on wholeliving.com (you can use any relaxing essential oil you like), to open up your pores, make your skin more receptive to the mask and to seriously start unwinding your mind. By then your shower room should already smell of lavender, camomile, geranium, orange or eucalyptus. It’s a home spa after all!

Next, turn on hot water in your shower and let it run for 10 minutes with the shower room door closed so as to keep the warmth and vapour in. Meanwhile, whip up and apply your favourite home-made (or ready-made) face mask. Think of all those ingredients you have heard about somewhere or those which the female elders in your family swore by for brighter, softer, hydrated and plumped skin.

Do not neglect your hair either by nourishing it with a rich conditioner (can be applied directly on dry hair) or a home-made hair mask based on famous plant oils from avocado or olive. Brush your hair with a wide tooth comb to massage the scalp as well, then place a shower cap on your head and let the mask work its magic. You can bet you will emerge from the shower-room-turned-home spa with more manageable and shinier locks!

Home spa body and mind relaxation

If you suffer from lower back or abdominal pain, now would be a good time to take a few minutes for mindfulness and meditation. Much overlooked due to our busy lifestyles and the rushed daily lives offered by technology, a few moments of mindfulness and meditation can do wonders to your stress levels and overall state of mind. Do it while sitting down in your shower room or, if you have a suitable chair, directly inside the shower. Some of the popular online media contains guided meditation soundtracks which can help you to focus on your breathing and to relax your muscles for a more natural pain relief or an improvement in your overall well-being.

Home spa scrub and shower

Once you have reached a deeper level of physical and mental relaxation, give a good scrub to your body, focusing on the dry skin patches, for example elbows and heels/feet. Any scrub based on or enriched with natural plant oils will do wonders to your skin and facilitate the massage on the areas you wish to focus on, while the scrubbing particles will increase the subcutaneous blood circulation and help get rid of toxins and dead skin cells. After you are done scrubbing, remove the shower cap, step under the shower and rinse the surplus home spa treatments out of your hair and off your skin. Stay under the warm stream for another few minutes, feel your muscles release the remaining tensions and your mind travel places…

Prolong the home spa effect

Once you step out of the shower, you can extend the relaxation by applying a scented body lotion or cream and massaging areas that may be painful due to fibroids (lower back, legs, etc.), or you can ask your partner to give you a massage if you wish. Pamper your face with a moisturizing cream, make yourself a cup of detoxifying or relaxing herbal tea and sit down with a book or in front of a movie to keep on going your uplifted and calm mood and body for an even longer time.

Home spa frequency

If you find that creating a home spa in the comfort of your own place helpful for relaxation, you can make it a habit.

If you suffer from any of the uterine fibroid symptoms and are looking for a more permanent relief, please go see your doctor to discuss the treatment options available for you.

1Spies JB., et al. The UFS-QOL, a new disease-specific symptom and health-related quality of life questionnaire for leiomyomata. Obstet Gynecol 2002; 99(2): 290-300.