Getting Out of the Rut – 5 Life-Improving Steps to Build a Life, Even With Fibroids % - Getting Out of the Rut – 5 Life-Improving Steps to Build a Life, Even With Fibroids % -

Getting Out of the Rut – 5 Life-Improving Steps to Build a Life, Even With Fibroids

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Getting Out of the Rut – 5 Life-Improving Steps to Build a Life, Even With Fibroids

Many of us have some sort of life plan. We go through school, set goals, work toward a career while developing relationships… there are goals, processes and progress. Certainly ups and downs are to be expected, but when a chronic medical issue such as uterine fibroids comes into play, life can take a sharp turn. Heavy bleeding, chronic pain, urinary issues and the other myriad of symptoms that can arise along with fibroids can bring quality of life to somewhat of a standstill. 

While the initial rest in a cozy little (or not so little) rut may be necessary, a “breather” of sorts, it’s nowhere to get comfortable. And the only way out… is up. So how do you go about that?

  1. Make your peace with reality. 

Sometimes reality is challenging, and medical issues can even make it exceedingly difficult. However, even with the best and most effective medical intervention, there is still going to be a period of time that may include both physical pain and emotional anguish. Accepting a chronic illness or condition is a huge part of moving on. Part of this stage of the process is a reassessment of priorities. Up until now, your list of mandatory things that must get done was likely longer than it can be at this point. What really can wait? What can’t? And one of the top priorities on that list needs to be getting you the medical help necessary to start feeling better. The garden might get less attention, some meals may need to be bought ready-made and working 45 hours a week may not be realistic. What’s REALLY important? Only you can decide.


  1. Set some goals. Then write them down.

Goals are like a magnet—they pull. And the stronger they are, the more purposeful they are, the bigger they are, the more unique they are, the stronger they pull.” Once priorities are set, goals are the next step. Studies have shown that people who set goals and write them down have far greater chances of achieving those goals than those who only abstractedly consider goal setting and don’t write words down in the process. For starters, have some targets that are shorter term and closer to reach. Once that’s on paper, it’s time to list bigger objectives that, while realistic, are longer-term.


  1. Write out a road map.

Imagine researching the best vacation destinations, drawing up the most fabulous itinerary and then packing the perfect clothing carefully into the most luxurious luggage… but then getting into the car and not having a clue how to reach that destination of your dreams. That’s what happens when goals are left simply as a list. Steps need to be taken to make them happen. Talk out these goals with a trusted friend, partner or therapist and figure out how to make them happen. Do you need to put reminders into your datebook? Keep a checklist and look at it each week?  Or how about choosing an app and making it happen that way? Pick a tool and wield it safely and productively. 


  1. Start your journey.

Once that’s all mapped out, it’s time to hit the road! Keeping in mind our first step – making peace with reality – enjoy all the triumphs and don’t beat yourself up about slips and pitfalls along the way. That’s what reality is, the good and the bad. What’s important is forward movement. Keep climbing, no matter what the speed. Part of accepting reality is knowing that tasks can take time, more time than ever imagined… and that’s okay.


  1. Reward and reassess.

For some, just being able to cross a step off the list because that step has been accomplished is reward enough. For others, it’s an out-of-the-ordinary meal, a night out or a bubble bath. Savor those rewards because they’ve been honestly earned. And, they’re step-stones to the true reward, which is reaching your own, personal goals. We’re right here, cheering in the background, every step along the way toward triumph!

Thankfully, researchers around the world are trying to come up with more efficient, less invasive treatments for uterine fibroids. With up to 80% of women having fibroids at one point or another, you’re in plentiful company of women fighting through heavy bleeding, chronic pain, bloating and other symptoms trying to live life to the fullest. We know you can pull through and accomplish your dreams!