Getting Back to Work and Doing it Right

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Getting Back to Work and Doing it Right

Going back to work following an extended break for any reason can be challenging. For some, that means the post-summer return to work, and for others, it may be returning following a medical leave for issues like uterine fibroids. The key to a successful transition back to work is mindful preparation – getting ready step by step. Here are what we feel are the big steps that help make the transition as smooth as possible.

  1. Exact SchedulingLose some of the stress involved with this transition by planning your weeks ahead of time. Map out every responsibility you currently have, then schedule each task, when it is being taken care of and by whom. This will provide the peace of mind in knowing that all bases are covered.


    Additionally, efficient use of time avoids the morning chaotic rushes that often result in necessities (lunch, extra sanitary supplies if you’re experiencing heavy bleeding, etc.) being forgotten at home.



    Careful Packing

    If you have children, make sure they’re as put together as possible from the night before. This means clothing and shoes set out, school or daycare bags packed plus lunch and snacks done and ready to go. Use your morning time to get your family and yourself out the door with some sanity and calm to escort you all into a new day.


    Aside from that, pay careful attention to the contents of your own purse. Spare pads, tampons, underwear, feminine wipes… pack them into smaller, discreet bags inside your purse, if that makes you more comfortable, but don’t be caught without. Managing heavy periods is a challenge, but it doesn’t need to throw you off entirely.


    Detach from the Phone

    Once you’re back in the workplace, during time at work, the majority of your brain “belongs” to work. Once you walk out those office doors, you’re back to self, family, friends and community. Constantly checking your phone messages and social media will only cause disorganized thought, missed details and frustration. What’s more, there never seems to be an end to phone-checking, making it a crutch toward procrastination. In order to get enough sleep to keep everything balanced, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, monitor your phone time, see if a reassessment of use is required and if it is, get to setting things right.


    Smart Family (and Social) Time

    Now that your time is being split between family, social obligations, taking care of yourself AND work, time needs to be used especially wisely. This means being present wherever you are and spreading your attentions correctly and as fairly as possible. We can’t tell you how to do that, as it’s a very individual thing. But get that worked out and stick to a system. Knowing you are doing your best is fantastic feeling and you owe it to yourself to feel that way.

    One last tip… when you go back to work, dress well. Hold your head high. Grab a fistfull of confidence and make your mark on the world.