Coping with Body Changes Caused by Fibroids

Coping with Body Changes Caused by Fibroids 2560 1707

Coping with Body Changes Caused by Fibroids

For women suffering from uterine fibroids, difficulties can be multi-faceted. On top of the heavy bleeding many women experience, bloating, low energy, anatomical changes in the reproductive system and chronic pain can all add up to make any of us feel down. As much as they say, “Beauty is from within,” when a woman’s insides are taking up more physical and mental space than they regularly ought to, beauty may need some re-framing to realized that it is indeed still there.

As there is currently no one magical or instant solution to these discomforts, tackling each body change on its own front, but on your terms, is winning strategy.

  1. Bloating
    Having an unwanted resident in the abdomen is never fun. Seeing favorite clothing becoming too tight as a fibroid grows can be alarming and depressing. Picking out a few new, roomier outfits that still look great will definitely deliver a boost. Darker colors might add just that one more layer of confidence. Invest both the money and the time to find some comfortable, stylish and flattering; it’s worthwhile. For some, bringing along a supportive shopping partner is just the touch toward sensational new style.Low Energy and Chronic Pain
    Feeling not at your best, coupled with low iron levels that heavy bleeding can cause often lead to a fall in energy levels. It’s tough to cope when slogging from one day to the next, barely able to do the minimum necessary. However, being careful to eat right, getting a healthy amount of sleep and following doctor’s orders can help. Low-impact exercise such as pilates, yoga or even a walk around the neighborhood helps to usher in a more productive, positive overall mood and physical pick-me-up.

    Changes in the Reproductive System
    While relatively few women have complicated fertility difficulties because of fibroids, many have some level of discomfort during intercourse. If it takes saying 100 times a day, choose a mantra and repeat reaffirming words. You are the same beautiful, capable woman that you were before fibroids. Use intimate time as an opportunity for creativity, be it in type and place of touch, position and the adding of just a touch of wine (medication permitting) to find your new, sexy kind of normal, at least for the time being.

    Opportunity Toward Positive Change
    Feeling down? Take a deep breath. As the line that was made famous in The Sound of Music says, “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” Many of us fall into ruts along the way and don’t experience many of the positive facets the world offers us. Try our 30-Day Get Comfortable With My Body Challenge for a user-friendly self-image lift. Another option in feeling comfortable with your new You is to pick up some new skills. While this might not be the time take figure skating lessons or gymnastics, how about gourmet (healthy!) cooking, something art-related or poetry writing? Creative juices fuel smiles.

    We leave you with a path to even more advice toward recognizing your beauty strengths. Remember that you are beautiful, always.