5 Ways to Make an Impact on International Women’s Day – Even When You Don’t Want to Leave the House

5 Ways to Make an Impact on International Women’s Day – Even When You Don’t Want to Leave the House 0 0 Fibroidsconnect.com

5 Ways to Make an Impact on International Women’s Day – Even When You Don’t Want to Leave the House

International Women’s Day is an annual reminder to hold our heads high and take that one more step, big or small, toward equal pay, equal power, and equal opportunity – even when we’re managing through symptoms of uterine fibroids. Every one of us can demonstrate that women make the world a better place.

  1. Write

What is your most appropriate platform? There are so many options available today – the blogosphere, editorials, a writing group… there’s a stage available somewhere for anything you want to put out there. This is a stay-at-home, low budget way to get your thoughts and influence out there in the world.

Do you have a different way of looking at things? Feel strongly about a specific issue? Let your roaring voice be heard!

You’ll undoubtedly give strength to other women who had thought they were struggling alone, and in doing so, you will strengthen yourself in knowing you have made a difference.


  1. Teach the Next Generation

If you have children of your own, take some time out to examine your parenting from a woman’s empowerment perspective. Are you raising your son to respect women? Are you preparing your daughter to have a can-do attitude? Are you arming her with information about her physical changes as she ages?

As parents, our default setting is to raise our children largely how we were raised, but maybe it’s time to re-examine that. An investment of thought and preparation can ensure that your children take part in making a better future for all, and that, in itself, is an enormous accomplishment!


  1. Participate in Forums

Once again, the Internet comes to the rescue as a godsend for the uncomfortable and the homebound. Be it through sharing some of your own expertise or just by providing a shoulder to lean on, cyberspace holds nearly infinite opportunities to help others.

Join and participate in online discussions in your field, women’s groups, forums for various medical conditions (fibroids included!) or relationship issues. Opportunities abound, even for non-professionals, to help others by sharing experiences. For women suffering from medical symptoms, overwhelm, grief or frustration, just being there, even from thousands of kilometers away, to say, “I understand. It’s tough. I share your pain and send a virtual hug” can make other women stronger.

Lending a listening ear and offering support can make all the difference in someone else’s life, and by knowing you’re making a difference, in your life as well.


  1. Help a Neighbor

Is it time to get off the computer? Want to do something out of the house, but remain local? If you’re up to it, make doubles of dinner and cheer up a neighbor with your helping hand. Taking part in acts of kindness boosts you up AND helps your neighbor or friend in need, providing you both with a second helping of strength and positive vibes to keep going.


  1. Empower Yourself

If all that, or even a part of it, is still too much, feel empowered in helping make one woman’s life better, and that woman is YOU.

Have you been postponing a much-needed doctor visit? Haven’t found time for some low-impact exercise? Always wanted to try a new hobby that’s just for your own creativity or self-actualization? Harness the power of knowing that millions of women around the world are making things happen today, and so can YOU!